Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Finals Goodie Bags

My students start final exams on Friday! This year has gone by so fast!!

I remember when I was a freshman final exams were petrifying. As I got older they got less scary, but were also intense. I wanted to make my students something that would help them as finals rolled around and hopefully help them de-stress (a bit).

Here you can see a photo of the little "Finals Survival Kits" I made. They cost about $50 to make 80 full bags with a 20 extra that didn't quite have everything (which I'm going to divvy up with a slightly different note to some of the teachers and staff). The note attached states:

As this year comes to an end you have just final exams left! This Finals Survival Kit is from me to you thanking you for a great first year at Mater Dei and wishing you the best. 

If I don't teach you again next year, I am still available to help you during lunch, and before or after school. Otherwise, have a GREAT summer and I'll see you next year!

This kit includes:
  • A pencil to help you write the right answers
  • A grip to keep you holding on when things seem tough
  • An eraser for when you make a mistake
  • A pencil sharpener to keep you sharp during testing
  • A lifesaver for when you need a little extra help
  • A sticker to help you stick to it even when things seem hard
  • And some chewy candies because I didn't want to add anything else hard to finals week!

Best of  luck and know that I believe you can do this!

Things I thought about including, but didn't because I was sure they would just end up in the trash:
A bouncy ball to remind you to keep having fun
A toothpick to help you pick the right answer
A candle for late nights studying (birthday candles work well)
A paperclip to hold everything together
A rubber band so you stay flexible when you want to get stressed
Gum to remind you to stick to it! (Gum is against school rules, so I didn't want to go there)

Do you do anything special for finals or the end of the school year?


  1. We have jobs for esl skype tutor. Here:

    1. Thanks for thinking of me. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to tutor online.

  2. What a brilliant idea, Carissa! I wish I had thought of that before my students left for finals! Gonna steal it for the next year ;)

    1. We just had finals and most of my students came in with their blue pencils!


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