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Preparing for the August ELT Blog Carnival

Humor dosn't always mean acting like a clown!
The 41st ELT Blog Carnival is DONE! Check it out:

Since my July and August are shaping up to be pretty busy, I thought I would announce the August ELT (English Language Teaching) Blog Carnival now and give bloggers plenty of time!

Are you unsure what a blog carnival is? The ELT Blog Carnival home page has examples from all of the past 40 carnivals.

The August ELT Blog Carnival will be filled with blogs about humor.

I am a teacher who strongly believes that humor makes classrooms better! This Blog Carnival is designed to let other teachers share how they use humor in the class, so that other teachers may be inspired from them!

How to participate?

There are three big ways you can participate!
  • Submit your post
    • If you have an amazing older post that you have written on humor in the ELT field (EFL, ESL, ESP, EAP, etc.) send it my way.
    • Alternatively, if you feel inspired, you can write up a new post. There are SO MANY different aspects of humor you can touch on. If you are stuck, look at these questions for inspiration: 
    • Many students find mustaches amusing
      • Do you have a lesson that revolves around a funny movie clip or a silly joke? Perfect!
      • Do you have a knock knock joke you use in class that is an example of blended speech? We'd love to see it!
      • Do you have a rewards system or class theme that is funny? Share it! 
      • Have you read a book about using humor in the classroom and you want to review it? Awesome!
      • Is there a website with funny quotes you use in class? Review it!
      • Is there a tech tool you use that makes your students laugh? Explain it!
      • How much humor is OK or When is humor not appropriate? Discuss it!
      • Do you have a story about a time humor really brought a student out of his/her shell? We'd LOVE to hear it.
      • As you can see there are TONS of opportunities! Simply find the topic that calls out to you!
    • If you feel inspired to write but you don't have a blog, contact me! I would be pleased to host you as a guest blogger. 
  • Share this post so others can get involved! (You can share this via Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, family board game night, your Nobel Prize acceptance speech, or anywhere else you think you could reach people who are interested). To make it easy for you, by clicking this link you will tweet, "Im ready for the August #eltBlogCarnival on humor Pls Join"
  • Come back August 6th to read all the lovely blogs! You can keep track of everything via #eltBlogCarnival on Twitter! Or just go to the Blog Carnival.
Funny mug! (If you can't read it the text is here)
To submit your blog you have three options:
1. Tweet it to Carissa Peck (@eslcarissa)
2. Use the general ELT Blog Carnival submission form.
3. Leave your link in the comments of this post

Please try to get all submissions in by Saturday, August 2nd!

For those of you who don't want to participate, but are eager to see the results check back on Wednesday August 6th! You can also leave a comment here and I'll be sure to remind you when August rolls around.

If you have any questions or have a request for a specific blog leave it as a comment!


  1. Thank you,Carissa, for this interesting information!

    1. I look forward to seeing what blogs are contributed!

  2. Oh great topic for a blog carnival, Carissa! I'll look forward to seeing everyone's contributions and having a good chuckle. Here's a video we made that might be suitable:

    1. Thanks for the comment Vicki! I look forward to checking out your post tonight :)

  3. Hello Clarissa,

    Thank you so much for starting it! To say that it is a fun idea just doesn't cover it, because I bet we are in for a lot of fun and laughter. I would like to submit a post that I made in May. I used jokes to help my students understand and practice the use of comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives:

    1. Hi Alina,

      Thanks! I hope that the carnival helps teachers find some ways to incorporate more humor into the class (and laugh a bit) I look forward to checking out your blog!


  4. Hi Carissa

    Great idea for a carnival!

    I have two contributions from my blog. The first, My Blackberry is not Working, is full of puns and double meanings and the second, based on an urban legend, always gets a big laugh at the end.

    All the best

  5. Hi Carissa,

    I am so glad to have stumbled upon your post. Found the same on LinkedIn and am tempted to include three of my pieces.
    The first of these was published on Yahoo Voices as I was a Yahoo contributor. Sadly though Yahoo has discontinued this site for good. I have a copy of the page on my blogsite.Am sharing the same here.;postID=1953657844366867604;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=5;src=postname

    Another one shared on an online magazine:

    1. Hi Ruby,

      The first link I can't access as it appears to be your private link. If you can give it to me again starting with, "" I can look into it :) Thanks!

  6. One more here:


  7. Many thanks Carissa. All three once again:


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