Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Interview Faux Paus

Just for fun! I've recently accepted a new job in California.I am really excited (and very busy) but overall happy. The interview went well, but I definitely made some mistakes.
There are so many blogs out there telling you how to give the perfect interview I thought I'd share some of my mistakes with you.
  • I forgot the term dictogloss
    • Me: You know, that activity where students listen...then write.
    • Them: Transcriptions.
    • Me: No, it is great for using all four skills....
    • Them: Stenography
    • Me: I am sure I'll think of it immediately after the interview
  • I said Hell in an interview for a Catholic school
    • Them: Have you ever had a particularly difficult student? 
    • Me: Of course I've had students give me hell.... 
      • Stop to stare at the nun
    • Me: Sorry sister
  • I made a joke about hitting students
    • Them: What do you do when you have a particularly troublesome student?
    • Me: Can I hit them?
      • Pause
    • Me: I am kidding. I swear. I'd never hit a student. I couldn't even spank kids when I babysat.
  • I admitted I didn't know the answer
    • Me:  Whenever possible I try to speak to the student one-on-one with the student to create a rapport. Often, I find once they think of you as a person instead of just a teacher they tend to behave better.
    • Them:  And if that doesn't work.
    • Me: I try to figure out their interests and include them in the class to motivate them.
    • Them: And if that doesn't work?
    • Me: If possible I contact the other teachers or counselors to see if it is isolated to my class, or if it is other classes as well. If it isn't in other classes, I can ask them for help.
    • Them:And if that doesn't work?
    • Me: I suppose contacting parents to keep them in the loop is always an option
    • Them: And if that doesn't work?
    • Me: Honestly, I don't know. I'd talk to the academic supervisor and see if they could help me
  • My resume was also outdated

    • They had done my first interview in April, so I really should have given them a more current version. Somehow I forgot.
The moral is: please don't freak out if you aren't perfect, No teacher is :)

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