Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The problem with trying too hard.

I recently saw this video that made me laugh especially because I know some teachers like this.

I am ALL about innovating and trying new things with students. I enjoy reading about new techniques and how to best reach my students. However, I think it is important to remember to stay true to myself when teaching.

Note some graphic language is used in this video.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you try something in the class?

Why am I doing this? Am I doing it because other teachers are? Am I doing it just because it is new? or Am I doing it because it works well with the lesson and I think my students will enjoy it?

What do I need to do this well? If others have succeeded because of an attitude or technology do I have access to this? How could I change this to best suit my class?

How much time do I really need to do this well? Do I need to transition from the lesson before? How do I transition to the next lesson?

Most importantly: Is this the best move for my students?

Don't try so hard to be cool that you end up not teaching!

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