Friday, May 16, 2014


Happy Teachers Appreciation Day - 2014

100% professional
The big bosses
Happy Teachers Day! 

I had a great time yesterday at my school's lunch. I almost didn't want to go because this will be my last Teacher's Day lunch at ITESM. 

Proud Tec Teacher

I will miss being a Tec teacher. The lunch was a joy as always. I know quite a few of my coworkers, but because so many of them are part-time I rarely get to see them. That's what makes these lunches so much fun!
My award

I also had the added bonus of receiving an award for the two  international projects I started at ITESM this year: The Alphabet Book project and The Dram Flag Project. It is always great to be appreciated for the things that we do as teachers.

I hope that you had an amazing day as well, and that we all go on to experience greatness for the next year!

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