Thursday, February 13, 2014


Top 10 best excuses for cheating

All of these excuses are real and from my classes (unless noted otherwise as with the guest contribution or excuses found on Twitter).

10. "We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat." Not from my class rather the chant at the recent Gaokao riot.

9. "I was seeing how far he got so I could pace myself." When I give tests I have a gigantic countdown on the board and make sure to verbally give reminders (You should be halfway through by now, etc.), so, this one doesn't fly for me.


I love the creativity of this one. I know it is two years old, but still awesome.


Again! If a student at least can make me smile, I'll be less likely to take the test away.

6. "Yolo" - This one comes from Lillie  The "You only live once," mantra is often used now by teenagers with no other valid excuse.

5. "I just got nervous." Nerves can be a serious problem. It is one reason I like to give different tests. That way if a student gets nervous fidgeting around it is OK.

4. "I wasn't cheating; I was just making sure they were right." How kind of you.

3. "I was stretching." There's stretching, and there's blatantly looking at your neighbor's desk. Nice try though.

2. "I was making sure my answer was right." Well, this is more believable than number 4, it is still considered cheating.

and my ultimate favorite

1. "But teacher I don't know any of the answers." Oh...well why didn't you say so. In that case of course you can look at your neighbor's paper.

How to prevent cheating during tests? This post on cheating during tests  has lots of suggestions!

What about you? What's the most creative excuse your students ever gave you when you saw them trying to cheat during an exam.

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