Thursday, August 15, 2013


Mixed Metaphors and Horses

I was reading Shanthi's blog when it talked about horse idioms and it immediately reminded me of this clip from a movie I watched last week:

The idioms used are, "put the cart before the horse," and "get back on that horse."  Mixed metaphors always make me laugh :-)

There are two other horse idioms I say quite a bit; here's a sample conversation using both of them.

FRANK: I think I am going to ask Susie to marry me.
BOB: Hold your horses, didn't you just start dating last week?
FRANK: Well yes, but you and your wife got engaged the week after you met!
BOB: That's a horse of a different color. We had been dating online for years!

If you haven't figured out what these idioms mean yet, here are some quick definitions:

Put the cart before the horse: To do things in the wrong order (worry about something before you've gotten to that point).
Get back on the horse: Get back to doing something (normally after a failure)
Hold your horses: Slow down!
Horse of a different color: A completely different thing than the one previously discussed. Normally used to

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