Friday, August 9, 2013


Business Idioms & Phrasal Verbs

Today we had the start of a MOOC for teaching idioms in a business class. The class didn't work because of technological issues, but it reminded me of this e-mail I received ages ago. So I looked it up and I found it!
I believe in the power of humor in a class, and I think that this is pretty funny. In fact I made a quick worksheet to use with my University students in a business English class in the hopes that they will crack a smile too.  Though the class is teaching business English they are required to take the TOEFL to pass the course.

The intent is to get them to tell me a word's definition and then read the text. Hopefully they'll see that in the TOEFL they can't just guess what a word means without reading the text.

The worksheet is pretty basic but can be downloaded for free at Teachers Pay Teachers


  1. Hello, I need some idioms related to rain. Thank you.

    1. Are you looking for idioms referring to rain, (Like raining cats and dogs, pouring buckets, etc.) or idioms using rain to figuratively describe something else (When it rains it pours, come rain or shine)

      You can check out: which talks about one of my favorite idiom search engines.


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