Thursday, September 6, 2012


No prep game to practice Numbers and... Clothing, Body Parts, School Supplies, etc.

Today is a quickie as I sit here grading essays remembering, "the good 'ol days" of playing games with kiddies.

I have no idea what this game is called; I think I picked it up from a friend when I taught in South Korea. I do know that it is fantastic as it requires absolutely NO preparation and my primary students always loved it. This is an easy no prep game that's ideal for practicing numbers and anything else students may have on them (School Supplies, Body Parts, Clothing, etc.)

The basic concept of the game is that students need to form groups according to what you say.

First everyone stands up and spreads out.
Then the teacher will say a number and a noun, something like, "10 shoes."
To make a group of 10 shoes you would need 5 people, so the students need to hurry to make a group of 5 people.
Whoever doesn't get in a group has to sit down. The teacher repeats with another phrase, "3 noses" now they have to break up their group of 5 people and make groups of 3 people (to make 3 noses).
To make it a bit more complicated we can use school supplies. Since the number of pencils will vary from person to person saying something like, "23 pencils" could mean anything from a group of 3 people to a group of 7 people.

Students like it as they are up and moving around and it makes them actively practice their numbers plus whatever you choose for the target language to be.

If you are looking for other ways to help reinforce vocabulary check out this post with tons of ideas! 
Please let me know if you use it and how it goes or if you have found a way to tweak it to work better for your class. You can do this in the comments, the Melting Activities facebook page or follow me on twitter.

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