Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sara Davila's Site (Materials/Teacher Tools/Teacher Tips)

The giver of a great site!
I was recently introduced to this great site by Sara Davila who is a Cirriculum builder (and has been for the past ten years!) she also does teacher training. She lived in Korea from 2002- 2010 as well as having worked in America which means she is familiar with plans that can be adapted to many cultures (key for me!).
The main area where her materials are posted is here:
They are also clearly labeled based on level, type of activity etc.

For example, we all know I am a big fan of TBL, well she has quite a few options that have been tagged as TBL

Since I am heading to teaching college and high school I figured I'd look at some of her advanced activities.

Other examples: Board Games, The Four Skills, or Young Learners (but trust me that's not it)!

If you need a lesson or just feel like you need some inspiration I'd recommend you check it out!

Her website also has some Teaching Tools, and some Teaching Tips it is treasure trove of assistance.

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