Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last Day

This is the last day I will type from my school´s computers.

This year has been a whirlwind. I have learned so many things, improved my Spanish and made great friends.

I am looking forward to teaching at International House San Diego again this Summer, though I hope I can be a more successful teacher than last year.

I will miss...
  • The blank stares of stduents followed by , "Profe, que quapa hoy" (Teacher how beautiful you are today)

  • The random little one who runs up to me in the hall to tell me, "Profe, te quiero" (Teacher I love you)

  • Having them mix English in the most adorable way "I am my name is Marina" (Yes my college students may do this, but let´s face it it is cuter at 4)

  • Their excitement, "Profe, ayer you store cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Roughly Teacher, yesterday I saw you at the store buying cheese)

  • Towering above my stduents

  • The hugs

  • Singing and coloring about 80% of my class

  • "Baby Beluuuuuuuuuuuuuuga" (Really they are just adorable)

I will not miss...

  • "Profe Me hago piss" (Teacher I need to pee)

  • Little Ivan (3 years old) taking his penis out in the middle of class (though I will miss his honest to goodness face of, "what???")

  • Them complaining they are tired and can´t color (really, the hardest part of your day is staying within the lines...stop whining!)

  • That high pitched noise that comes from their mouth when they whine

  • Telling everyone to stop kissing each other during class

  • Never doing anything more complex than The Little Red Hen

  • The commute

I am very glad that this year gave me more patience, the ability to break things down, to really really learn my students level before giving an assignment, and some practical differentiation.

I know that because of this Masters and my year at the Colegio I should be a better teacher, now let´s see if I am.

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