Thursday, January 20, 2011


Halfway through

So I have been in the Masters program since September! That means I am already halfway through. I have learned and accomplished a lot (I think)

I have
  • figured out I don´t really want to teach preschool ... ever!
  • planned my first CLIL unit from start to finish (on Alexander the Great).
  • begun planning an entire cirriculumn for creating a yearbook (and it uses Task Based Learning...YAY!).
  • planned an entire didactic unit for a preschool level class on the house.
  • discovered that all schools are chaos...really...ALL of them!
  • had to remember how to teach without technology (oh how I miss Korea somedays).
  • learned the importance of differentiating in the classroom.
  • reviewed a lot of methodology (and even picked up some new stuff) koosh ball anyone?
  • realized I have no problem being the "mean" teacher (and perhaps I should try to be the "nice" teacher someday...or find a balance).
  • gotten to delve into linguistics about a Spanish creole language (Papiamento) and present on it in Spanish.
  • learned all kinds of fun linguistics terms about Spanish (ceceo, voseo, seseo, leismo, sustrado) wohoo!
  • created writing exercises (based on the theme of Spring) for all levels of language (from A1-C2).
  • fallen in love with Prezi (and gotten pretty good at it!).
  • improved my Spanish (though some of it is random .. like inframundo means underworld)
  • finally started uploading things to eslprintables (more to come)
I hope the next half of the program teaches me even more as well as letting me know more about me and grow as a teacher.

Oh...and moved in with the loveliest ladies
Amazing roomies! All American girls also studying for their Masters

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