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Kung Fu Panda vs Oedipus Rex
Oedipus Rex vs Kung Fu Panda
Do you teach Oedipus Rex? Looking for a non-ancient Greek way to reinforce what students have learned?  

This was a fun and easy lesson the reinforced literary concepts as well as themes.

Most importantly, students get a small break from Oedipus, which can be really challenging academically, while practicing the big picture items I am really trying to teach.

The Oedipus Rex vs Kung Fu Panda lesson was originally designed to be completed in one block class (90 minutes). However, for the Product Swap, I updated it with timing, so it could be used with a smaller class period. 

Unfortunately, I was never able to connect with the teacher, I was supposed to swap with. However, I love the idea of swapping products with another teacher, so I am still going to blog and contribute to the giveaway in an effort to help promote future Product Swaps.

So, how do I use this product in my class?

Here's an Oedipus film if interested
They walked in the classroom to see the projector screen pulled down and the Kung Fu Panda Title brightly shining. They are excited! Why? MOVIE DAY! 

Let me preface this by saying that we very rarely watch movies in my class so this is a treat! They had the worksheets out on their desk and I passed around little boxes of popcorn (can't show movies without popcorn). I explained that I am not a fan of many of the Oedipus Rex movies, but I do think they need to be able to apply what we've seen in Oedipus Rex to Kung Fu Panda. 

I have quite a few exchange students who commented that it was interesting to watch this movie in English (since thy'd only watched it in their first language). Especially the Chinese students who commented on the names that didn't change and told us what they meant (Shifu means Master, so Master Shifu, is literally: Master Master)
Students were really into it! They didn't have much time to discuss with one another, but many stayed through lunch or after school to talk about their answers with friends before turning it in. And I don't mean, "What did you get for number 17?" I mean, "I thought Shifu was too proud, didn't you, I mean he basically admitted it to Tai Lung" "Yeah, but really if that rhino guy would have just done what he was told instead of being so arrogant." 

BONUS so many of them got the big differences between Epic heroes (e.g Po) and Tragic heroes (e.g. Oedipus). While I did refer back to the movie later when emphasizing these differences, I thought it was great to hear them talk about it between themselves.

So, my basic takeaway, if you want your students to be involved, and be able to compare Oedipus Rex to a modern movie, this is a great way to do it. Plus you'll find you are able to refer to Kung Fu Panda throughout the year as you learn new terms and need a modern example. There is an answer key included making it an easy lesson for you to use with your students.


I bought my brother's Christmas present last night, and I got an e-mail after telling me I received a free digital copy of Kung Fu Panda

Because of your recent purchase from, you are receiving a promotion code redeemable for a free digital HD copy of Kung Fu Panda. The code will cover the full cost of this item."

I went through a series of emotions. I was a little bummed because I purchased Kung Fu Panda earlier this year for this lesson. Then I got happy because I realized that any teacher who didn't own Kung Fu Panda would have the chance to snag it for free, and it would make this lesson even MORE affordable. Check out Amazon for the details.

In addition, Here's a holiday hint. Use the Amazon App! First time Amazon App users get $5 off their holiday purchase. Just click here to download and sign up. (Full disclosure, if you use the app with that link, I also get $5. It's like a holiday gift from me to you, and then you to me!)

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  1. Your students must have loved this lesson! And you're right; it's rare that I show a movie so my kids get extra excited and don't even mind that it's tied into learning :)

  2. Students love movies, and it is a great way to have them use higher order thinking skills when comparing the two stories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love how engaging this lesson is! And what a great holiday hint too! Thanks!!

  4. What a great tie in! I don't teach Greek drama, but if I ever do, this will be on my list. Thank you so very much for joining us.


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