Sunday, September 27, 2015


Sunday Funday- imPress nails

There are lots of options at my local Target
 I recently received some packs of imPress Powered by BrandBacker to try out and share with you for a Sunday-Funday post :)

To start a bit of background: One my first day of teaching in Spain, my Dutch boyfriend clucked his tongue in a disapproving fashion, "You can't go to school like that?" he declared. "What?" I looked myself over in the mirror. My skirt was appropriate, top showed no cleavage, hair was brushed, what more did he want? "Your nails, they're all chipped!"

Really? Really? I was about to teach preschoolers and primary students in Spain (my oldest class was first grade) and he was worried about my nail polish?

I am an amazing teacher. Will anyone be looking at my nails?

That boyfriend is now an ex (not because he insulted my nails I assure you though it was probably indicative of other issues) and I did just fine.

Can you guess my school colors?
That being said, I do find that as a teacher a LOT of people are looking at my hands. I am pointing to specific passages, pointing to cell phones, writing sample sentences, spelling words, and through it all students stare at my hands.

I LOVE nail art, but I don't normally do that much of it. I'll try to do my nails for homecoming at school or to match a spirit day, but I am awful at taking my polish off and it quickly looks like my three year old niece did my nails (it isn't a far off guess, she does do them sometimes).

Nails via my niece
With that in mind, I decided to give imPress nails a try. They seemed easier than painting, would take less time, not require steady or artistic hands, and literally require nothing.

My first imPress set
Unlike fake nails from the nail salon these are easy on AND easy off. Just clean your nails, push back the cuticles, prep the surface and voila. They're on. When you're done with the look, pop them off and there's no sticky residue.

I wasn't used to fake nails, so I found myself feeling a bit awkward with my fingers at times, but overall they were fun to wear for a bit. I stuck with a neutral matte you can see on the right (although it also included sparkly silver accent nails I may break out for homecoming). The price is definitely right. At my local Target they vary from $4.99-$7.99 for 24 nails! I think I saw them at Walgreens for just $5.99

In short, if you're looking to get the approval of my ex-boyfriend, or you just want to have some easy fun, trying out these nails may just be your ticket. They come in tons of shades: whacky prints, glittery solids, or neutral classics.  Pick some up the next time you're out and tell me if your students notice your nails when you're pointing something out. I know mine did!

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