Tuesday, March 10, 2015


St Paddy's Day Goodies

I LOVE Saint Patrick's Day. I am probably more Irish than I am Mexican. I don't know much of my Irish roots, but I do love St Patrick's day. We're going 1-1 next year, and the tech team has been working ridiculously hard on getting everyone ready. As a result, I made these little "goodie bags" for the team, and a few other people who have made my first year at this school amazing.

Each of these lucky co-workers will get:
  • A Green Martini Glass (you could substitute wine, or a normal drinking glass, but these just looked so pretty!)
  • Green Easter Grass (used to fill Easter baskets)
  • A St. Paddy themed pencil 
  • DoubleMint Gum
  • A Gold Chocolate Coin
  • Andes Chocolate Mints
  • A Gold Mini Reeses (for the ladies in ring form modeled in this picture) 
  • A green accessory
    • For the boys it is a green fake mustache
    • For the ladies a green shamrock necklace

Different Colors!
These were easy and fun to make. Most of this was just separating different goodies into the green glasses. The rings were handmade and SUPER easy! I made a bunch of these so I could use them with my students as well. In the photo on the left I am showing off three different ones I made.

  • The green are for St. Patrick's Day
  • The yellow are as close as I found to gold (also St. Patrick's Day).
  • The blue are because my school colors are blue and gold.
I don't think these are quite as cute as the rings I made with Hershey's kisses (seen on the right) but I like the taste of Reeses better anyways, and you can use the same method with either candy.
You have THREE different ways of making these rings:

  1. With TWO pipe cleaners
    • Cross the pipe cleaners on a flat service 
    • Put the candy in the middle 
    • Pull the pipe cleaners up and over the candy and cross the pipe cleaners again  
    • Wrap the pipe cleaners around your finger and wrap the excess below the candy 
  2. With ONE pipe cleaner cut in half

    • Put the candy in the middle Cross the pipe cleaners on a flat service. Make one the cross asymmetrical so that two of the sides are shorter than the other two.  
    • Pull the pipe cleaners up and over the candy and cross the pipe cleaners again. Make the shorter sides combine with the longer sides.   
    • Wrap the pipe cleaners around your finger and wrap the excess around the other pipe cleaner 
  3. With ONE pipe cleaner
    • Put the candy in the middle of the pipe cleaner.
    • Twist the sides together.
    • Rotate the pipe-cleaner and flip to the other side.
    • Twist the sides together
    • Wrap the pipe cleaner around a finger/magic marker
    • Secure the ends 
You don't work well with my descriptions? Don't worry, I am not offended. Check out the video below (only for the one pipe cleaner)!

So those rings, and my dollar store decor get my students festive.

How do you get in the Saint Patrick's Day spirit at your school? 
My Cat is getting into the St Patrick's Day Spirit

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