Monday, August 4, 2014


Teacher Fashion- Back to School Earrings

In July I posted about my obsession with DexFlex shoes. This post is about my other obsession... one that isn't as sophisticated as my flats.

Here are some pencil earrings you can buy
 I've always been one to embrace a Ms. Frizzle attitude. I like my students to do things rather than just read about them. Thus, is is any surprise that I also like mimicking her sense of style? I wear my skeleton earrings when my students are learning about writing outlines (because an outline is like the skeleton of an essay).

I also buy a lot of a lot of teacher related earrings. For example, I have a pair of earrings that look like little books (complete with the title Dracula!). I also have two pairs of pencil earrings that I wear when my students are doing a lot of writing.

For the record, no. I do not normally wear two rather loud earrings at the same time. I tend to do just one, or one and a small stud, but for the pictures I decided to go all out and show the earrings matched. That way you can see two earrings in just one photo. What a time saver!

Grab your own dinosaur earrings!
Do you teach any dinosaur stories? If you have your students learning about fossils, or reading something like A Sound of Thunder then these dinosaur earrings are right up your alley.  I bought these back when I was in college, but I still wear them today. Often students overlook my earrings, but never when I wear the dinosaurs. These guys always hog the spotlight. 

Perhaps more subtle than my big red apples!
To be more traditional (but not too  boring) I have two earrings that are apples. Perfect for the first week of classes when I want to ease students into my odd fashion sense. Alternatively, these are cute earrings for parent teacher night, teacher appreciation day and all those other random days when accessorizing with teacher apples are appropriate!

Curiosity gets the best of my sometimes I admit. I wonder if I am the only Ms. Frizzle out there? Do you plan your outfits or accessories to match what you are teaching? I know this is a small thing, but I hope it sends a message to my students that I really do plan their lessons and it isn't just, all last minute sporadic ideas.

To make this blog relevant to teaching, here is my favorite pirate joke which mentions earrings! Plus, it is a great example of connected speech!

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