Tuesday, June 24, 2014


ABC Books in Guatemala!

As most readers of this blog know, I like to have students send their work OUTSIDE of the classroom. This can be correcting English errors on an international menu, sending Dream Flags across borders, or  making alphabet books.
The great part of this is that students really get to see that English is more than something we do in class. It exists in the real world. Therefore, I am TRULY thankful to teachers like Steven in Guatemala who not only use my students' alphabet books, but who take the time to take a few pictures and send them back to me. This way my students really do see that their work has made an impact.

Here's the students reading The Fruity Letters By:Luisa Marié Arriaga, José Francisco Parra, and José Miguel Colín.
I was a bad teacher with Steven, and I sent the books a week later than I meant to send them :( To make up for this mistake I also sent him an alphabet book about nature (one of my favorite themes this time around): Nature Book by Dana Berrelleza Shinagawa and Elizabeth Felix Salazar.
 In addition to the pictures of his students with their favorite letters.

Thanks again Steven for taking the time to send these, and a SPECIAL thanks to my students for making these amazing learning tools that are now traveling the globe :-)

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