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The 34th ELT Blog Carnival- Pronunciation

Can having perfect pronunciation be problematic?
Thank you so much for all of your contributions. The blog carnival has been published here so no more submissions are being accepted.

Since the 33rd ELT Blog Carnival will be published on August 1st, I thought I would announce the 34th ELT (English Language Teaching) Blog Carnival!

Are you unsure what a blog carnival is? The ELT Blog Carnival home page has examples from all of the past 33 carnivals. 

The 34th ELT Blog Carnival is available here. The theme is pronunciation!

I feel that pronunciation has always been one of my weakest points as a teacher. I hope that by hosting this blog I'll get some great ideas from other teachers so I can improve my own teaching.

How to participate?
There are three big ways you can participate!
  1.  Submit your post The Carnival has been posted, so submissions are no longer being accepted.
    • If you have an amazing older post that you have written on pronunciation in the ELT field (EFL; ESL, ESP, EAP, etc.) send it my way.
    • Alternatively, if you feel inspired, you can write up a new post. There are SO MANY different aspects of pronunciation you can touch on. If you are stuck, look at these questions for inspiration: 
      • How do you teach a specific sound (like th)?
      • What pronunciation should teachers teach? (Accents, Formal, etc.)
      • How picky should teachers be when assessing a students pronunciation? 
      • Should pronunciation have more time in the class than it currently has? 
      • What technological tools can we use to help us teach pronunciation?
      • What games are best used to help student practice? 
      • What homework can we give for pronunciation? 
      • How do you teach pronunciation to a deaf student (or a student with a speech impediment in their L1?)? 
      • What is the best way to grade pronunciation?
      • Do tongue twisters actually help in class?
      • etc.
    • If you feel inspired to write but you don't have a blog contact me! I am happy to host you as a guest blogger.
    • When you write a new post it would be nice to include a link to here
      so your readers can learn more and participate if they want.
  2. Share this post so others can get involved!  (You can share this via Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, family board game night, your wedding vows, or wherever else you feel you could reach people who are interested).
  3. Come back September 2nd to read all the lovely blogs! You can keep track of everything via #eltBlogCarnival on twitter! Or just go to the Blog Carnival.
To submit your blog you have three options: 

1. Fill out this form.
2. Tweet it to Carissa Peck (@eslcarissa)
3. Use the general ELT Blog Carnival submission form.

Please try to get all submissions in by August 31st!

For those of you who don't have a blog, but are eager to see the results check back on Monday September 2nd! You can also leave a comment here and I'll be sure to remind you when September rolls around.

If you have any questions or have a request for a specific blog leave it as a comment!

Thank you so much for all of your contributions. The blog carnival has been published here so no more submissions are being accepted.


  1. Looking forward to the 34th Carnival on Pronunciation! If anyone has good insight on how to get specialized teacher training on pronunciation and/or accent reduction, can you please write! I want more training but can't find a resource!

    1. I'm looking forward to it too! Are you looking for literature or a course/workshop?

    2. Hi guys! My blog for the carnival has everything to do with this! I am an SLP and I think it's time for ESL teachers and SLPs to start working together! You can check out for more info—students can sign up for as low as $19 per month, and I have a whole new page coming soon to the website just for ESL teachers too.

      Al the best!

      Annie Ruden M.S. CCC-SLP

  2. Hi Carissa, this looks great. What's the deadline for getting submissions to you? Thanks.

  3. I'm sure glad I saw this post! I LOVE teaching English Pronunciation and have been writing blog posts about it for years! Now the trick is figuring out what to submit! Great idea!

    1. Well you have 3 days to think of something :) I look forward to your submission! It is a great idea, though in all fairness I only picked the category, the carnival has been around for quite some time :)


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