Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo- Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

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I try to avoid using worksheets with songs as I prefer to use them with TPR or other activities that don't require a worksheet. However, I've had this idea stuck in my head for about 72 hours so I made a quick worksheet for my TOEFL students tomorrow.

NOTE: This (clearly) includes references to alcohol) please DO NOT use this unless your EFL students are old enough and your school is OK with it.

The worksheet basically replaces the phrasal verbs, idioms and lesser known words in the lyrics with synonyms. The students read the lyrics and match the synonyms with their original lyrics (found in a word bank below).

The song is a great because it really does use lots of idioms e.g. carry a tune in a bucket, drown my sorrows, left feet, etc. It is country (which I find tends to be a bit slower and easier to understand than other music genres). I know some people avoid country music because of the "twang" factor, but this one became pretty popular on the Bilboard charts, so it appealed to people other than country fans (like me).

If you want to check out the song here's a music video set to the music:
The original album
The single

This worksheet (one page with a one page answer sheet) is available for free on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you don't already have a membership it is FREE just sign up here. If you do download the worksheet please leave a review to tell me what you thought or comment here.

What's your favorite song to use with idioms?

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