Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dropbox...another way to go green

So, my school is part of dropbox's "Space Race" in an effort to promote their site, help schools, and get people addicted to their pretty awesome product drop box is giving free space to students, teachers and anyone else with a school e-mail address who signs up. In addition, you get more space when others from your school join. As of November 8th 2012 ITESM, the University/High School I teach at in Mexico had 2,641 people with accounts making us the school with the most accounts in Mexico!

So I signed up in an effort to support my school and decided to do some research on how I could rock this site to the fullest as an educator.

My lovely dropbox folder where the students' assignments would show up
First off, I found a site called You make a site there and it gives you a link (in my case) Now, if I wanted to, I can give this site to my students as well as a password. Then they can go to the site enter the password and upload their assignments to my dropbox (which I can access anywhere that has Internet).  I can even get an e-mail which tells me when I get an e-mail.

Are there any downfalls? Well, you can get about 5MG storage for free by taking the tutorial and doing a few other things, otherwise it does cost to have a larger storage. If you just use it as a place for students to drop off assignments and you can pick them up (and move them elsewhere) then the limited storage should be fine.

Why use this instead of engrade, blackboard, edmodo, or all the other sites? Well this doesn't require students to have an account. All they need is to remember the password and link! Easy, peasy!
 It also lets me share files by making a public link (that I can tweet to my students) and they can use to download assignments.

If you don't have a drop box and are looking for some ways to go green you may want to consider it, you can sign up here.

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