Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Super fast

So...the things I've "made" using the new technology

I made a screenr of how to use primary pad

It is a big rambly, but at least I get my point across.

There's the primary pad we've been working on as a group. (You can see how we all could add to each other's work (in this case not much peer editing was done)

In the primary pad document we were advised to go onto voice thread and tell a bit about ourselves and what we learned

Soo, that's pretty much it today, we have Glen Cake giving a presentation on the "Online Class and Digital Story Telling through PhotoStory 3." This is supposed to give us the tools for storytelling such as how to integrate voice, images and text.

After lunch we have a recorded presentation from Steven L Thorn. This will go into uses of social media, "remix semiotic practices" I have no idea what that means, new media literacies, and multi-player gaming as settings for teaching languages.

That recording is already available here

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